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Why my store has no Mobile Rewards Tab?

While most of the BigCommerce Themes are responsive, meaning your store layout will fit to any screen size from desktop to mobile, some themes are not responsive and you may have enabled a separate Mobile Theme to display an optimized version of your store on mobile devices.

If you see your Rewards Tab on a desktop device but you don’t see it on your mobile device, you probably has enabled your Mobile Theme and you will need to setup our code snippets to your mobile theme template in order to display the Mobile Rewards Tab on Mobile.

To check whether you are using a responsive theme, please follow the instructions in the BigCommerce Support article below:



How to setup S Loyalty Mobile Rewards Tab?

If you have enabled your Mobile Theme in your Bigcommerce account, you would need to add our code snippet to your mobile theme template for our Widget / Overlays to be displayed properly when your customers visit your site on their mobile phone or tablet.

  1. Go to Bigcommerce Control Panel > Storefront > Mobile theme Settings > Download Template Files

    [Old Bigcommerce Control Panel] Setup & Tools > Set up your store > Design
  2. Please follow the instructions in the Bigcommerce Support article: How do I upload changes to my mobile theme? to download your mobile theme.
  3. Copy and paste the two snippet files "sloyalty_statusbar.html" and "sloyalty_thankyou.html" from the Panels folder in desktop theme to the Panels folder in mobile theme.
  4. Please add the following line to the end of the file "Header.html".
  5. Please add the following 2 lines before </body> to the "order.html".
  6. Please follow the instructions in the Bigcommerce Support article (Step 2) to upload the modified mobile theme.

You should be able to see our Loyalty Widget / Banners / Overlays when you visit your store on your mobile device.



How to disable Mobile Rewards Tab?

You can disable the Mobile Rewards Tab by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Theming -> Loyalty Widget
  2. Under Mobile Rewards Tab Section, switch the “Show on Mobile” toggle button to “OFF”.

The Mobile Rewards Tab should be disabled now.

Please note that our system will continue to grant points for orders according to the point earning settings even if the loyalty widgets are switched off.

Please note that this feature is only available for the latest version of our Admin Console. If you encounter any issue, please contact us at support@sloyalty.com.