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Managing your loyalty program members

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Who are loyalty program members?

After you launch the Loyalty Program, every customer with an active customer account* at your store will become a member of your loyalty program automatically!

Our system will retrieve customer information from your Bigcommerce / Shopify account from time to time and create loyalty accounts for these customers. The whole process is automated, neither you nor your customers need to do anything to create / activate their loyalty account. 

* [Shopify] When you add/ import customers to your Shopify account, they will show up in the Customers tab of your Shopify Admin Console, but they will not have an active store account unless they accept your invitation to create store account.

You could disable customers’ account from your Shopify account. Once you disable / delete a customers’ account, they will no longer be a member of the Loyalty Program.




Can my customers opt-out from my loyalty program?

Yes. Your customers can opt-out from your loyalty program.

To opt-out from your loyalty program, your customers need to:

  1. Log into their store account,
  2. Click the Loyalty Widget to open the Loyalty Overlays and
  3. Click "Withdraw" at the right bottom corner of the Loyalty Overlay.

If customers would like to re-initiate their accounts after withdrawal, please reach out to us at support@sloyalty.com and our Customer Support team will be happy to help you re-initiate the accounts. 

Can I exclude some of my customers?

At this time, subscribers of our Pro Plan or above (Gold Plan or above for installation before May 2017) could exclude one group of customers from their loyalty program. You may refer to our pricing page for further information on our different plans.

[If you haven’t completed our setup wizard]

  1. Bigcommerce: Create a customer group on your Bigcommerce account, and add the customers you want to exclude in that group
    Shopify: Add a tag to the customers you want to exclude on the Customers tab of your Shopify Admin Console
  2. At step 2 of our Setup Wizard, type the name of the customer group / tag in the field provided and those customers would be automatically excluded from your loyalty program.


[If you have completed our setup wizard]

After you launch the Loyalty Program, you can only change your group exclusion setting through us:

  1. Repeat Step 1. above
  2. Email us at support@sloyalty.com with the name of the customer group/ tag which you want to exclude.
  3. You will be able to see the name of the excluded group/ the tag in the Member Management section under Program Settings of our app Admin Console after we update the setting for you.

[For users who installed S Loyalty before May 2017]


[For existing S Loyalty 2.0 users]