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Promoting the Loyalty Program through email

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We understand that you may want to promote your Loyalty Program after launch. You can do so by including the following links to open various Loyalty Overlays in your email newsletter or any promotional materials:



Enter Birthday Month

http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/?rewardsmgr=birthdaybonus


If you are using our standard FAQ: http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/?rewardsmgr=faq

If you are using your own FAQ page, please use the link to your own FAQ page instead.

Reward Redemption

http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/?rewardsmgr=redeem 
My Rewards 

http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/?rewardsmgr=rewards

Point History

http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/?rewardsmgr=history

 Refer a Friend (Integration with ReferralCandy)

http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/?rewardsmgr=refer


Your customers and friends can then follow the links to your website and learn more about your Loyalty Program / check their point balance / redeem Rewards!

Please reach out to us at support@sloyalty.com if these links do not work for your store and we will be happy to check for you.