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[BigCommerce] How can I restore my Loyalty Widget after I change my store theme?

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The display of our widget and overlays are controlled via the presence of our code snippets and snippet files in your theme template. If your Rewards Tab or any of the Loyalty Program overlays are not appearing on your store, it may be because our storefront code snippet was removed from your store. This can happen when you change your store theme.

For merchants who are using Stencil Themes, you should be able to insert the code snippets through our Storefront Integration tab. Please refer to the instructions below: 

  1. Go to Theming -> Storefront Integration
  2. Click “Insert Storefront Code” under the Loyalty Program Theme Snippets Section


Our system will upload the code snippets and snippet files to your theme template. You should see the status all checked as per the screenshot below if the setup is completed. 


Note: For merchants who are using Footer Scripts, the Footer Scripts feature was deprecated by BigCommerce. Its functionality has been replaced by Script Manager. This feature is only available to stores using Stencil themes. Please go to S Loyalty Merchant Console and follow the instructions to grant us permission to restore storefront scripts for you in the Script Manager. After that, please remove our scripts in the Footer Scripts section. 

To access the Script Manager in BigCommerce, go to Storefront › Script Manager.


For merchants who are using Blueprint Themes, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Bigcommerce Control Panel
  2. Storefront > Template Files

  3. Under "Panels" in Other Template Files, see if you have "sloyalty_statusbar.html" and "sloyalty_thankyou.html".
    • If you do not, contact us at support@sloyalty.com and we would help you set up.
    • If you do, go to Step 4 directly.
  4. Under “Panels" in Other Template Files, look for “Header.html”.
  5. Edit the template by adding the following line to the end of the file:
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Under “Other Template Files”, look for “order.html
  8. Edit the template by adding the following 2 lines before </body>:
  9. Click “Save”

After adding the code snippets, you will be able to see the Loyalty Widget on your website  (if you are using our Loyalty Program) and open different overlays generated by our apps by following the links below:

  • Loyalty Program - FAQ: http://<Your Domain Name>/#!faq/
  • Loyalty Program - Reward Redemption: http://<Your Domain Name>/#!redeem/
  • Loyalty Program - History: http://<Your Domain Name>/#!history/
  • Loyalty Program - My Rewards: http://<Your Domain Name>/#!rewards/
  • Refer-a-Friend - Sharing Overlay: http://<Your Domain Name>/#!sharing/ 

If you installed our app before May 3, you are using our deprecated Merchant Console. Please contact us for further instructions.

If you tried the steps above and are still having issue, please feel free to contact us at support@sloyalty.com