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Overview of the Loyalty Program

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With our loyalty program, you can reward customers who make orders at your store with loyalty points. Customers can use the loyalty points earned from their previous orders to redeem rewards that you offer, which encourages them to return for their next order.

This is how the loyalty program works:

  1. After launching your loyalty program, our app will automatically retrieve information from your store and create loyalty accounts for customers who registered a store account at your store.
  2. When customers sign in to your store and place orders, our system will credit points to their loyalty accounts according to the order value and the point earning ratio you set during the setup wizard.
  3. Customers can check their loyalty points balance from the Loyalty Tab or Embedded Loyalty Widget after they have signed in to your store.
  4. When they click on the Loyalty Tab or the Embedded Loyalty Widget, the Loyalty Overlay will pop up which allows customers to redeem rewards, retrieve the discount codes they redeemed earlier, and see their loyalty points transaction history.
  5. Customers can use their loyalty points to redeem the rewards you offer which are unique one-time discount codes (or store credits if you are on BigCommerce). Loyalty points will be deducted from the customer loyalty accounts after they redeem a reward. 

  6. Customers can then apply the discount codes or store credits redeemed upon checkout and enjoy the discount.