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Schedule campaigns to give extra points to customers

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ln the latest version of our app, we have rolled out the Campaign feature which allows you to give extra points to your customers on a specified period of days. 

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What is Campaign? 

The Campaign feature allows you to schedule a promotional campaign in a fixed period of days and give extra points to your customers. We support three types of campaigns at the moment:

  1. Earn Double / Triple Point - Give 2x / 3x points for every order to all customers e.g. double points for the weekend
  2. Get Extra Points for Every $X Spent on an Order - Give extra points for every $X spent on an order e.g. 500 points more for every $100 spent on an order
  3. Special Event Bonus - Give a set awarding bonus points to customers for visiting your store


How to set up a campaign?


To set up your campaign, just go to Campaigns and click "Set up New Campaign" to set up the campaign type, duration of the campaign and the point earning details of the campaign:

Campaign Type: Earn Double/Triple Points


Campaign Type: Get Extra Points for Every $X Spent on an Order



Campaign Type: Special Event Bonus



Once you click Confirm, the campaign will run on the scheduled days. You can delete the campaign before the scheduled time, and stop the campaign if it's already running. 


How long can I run a campaign?

You may run a campaign for a maximum of 32 consecutive days.


Can I run multiple campaigns at the same time e.g. double points plus extra points for every $100 spent? 

No. We support running one campaign at a time only. We believe this is easier for you to message to your customers! 


How frequently can I run my campaigns?

We support one campaign a month only at the moment. If you absolutely need to run a second campaign in the same month, contact us and we can work out on a case by case basis.