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Give birthday bonus points to your loyalty members

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In the latest version of our app, we have rolled out the Birthday Bonus feature to help you engage with your customers by giving them extra points on their birthday month. 

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What is Birthday Bonus?

Birthday Bonus allows you to award bonus points to your loyalty program members in their birthday month as a gift from you. It gives your customers extra incentive to come back to your store and shop. 

How to setup Birthday Bonus? 

To setup Birthday Bonus in your store, go to S Loyalty Console -> Personalization -> Birthday Bonus and add the no of Birthday Bonus that you would like to offer to your members then click Save. 

After enabling Birthday Bonus, customers will see your Birthday Bonus offer from the overlay.

How can my customers fill in their Birthday Month? 

After setting up Birthday Bonus in your store, Customers will be able to fill in their Birthday Month after log in or creating a store account through the loyalty overlay.

You may want to promote your Birthday Bonus offer to your existing members via email marketing with the link http://<YOUR STORE DOMAIN>/#!birthdaybonus/ which will prompt your customers to login and fill in their birthday month.

Who is eligible to receive Birthday Bonus?

Only customers who are active loyalty program members i.e. created a store account and not suspended / excluded / withdrawn from the loyalty program, and have made at least one qualifying order 30 days before the 1st of their birthday month will be eligible for the birthday bonus points. A qualifying order is an order that has reached the point earning status according to your loyalty program setting and not cancelled/fully refunded. 

When will customers receive their birthday bonus points?

If members fill in their birthday before their birthday month, the bonus will be awarded at the beginning of the month. If members fill in their birthdays during their birthday month, the bonus will be awarded at the end of the month.

You will receive email notification when birthday bonus points are issued to your customers and you can download the list of customers who received the birthday bonus points through our Merchant Console. You may use the information to send a warm birthday note to those customers and invite them to come back to your store to shop and redeem rewards.