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Changes when upgrading to S Loyalty 2.0

Last Updated:

On top of the new features (Birthday Bonus, Campaigns, Rewards Link etc), there are other changes in the loyalty program:


  • Refer-a-Friend / Fan Builder are not supported

    While Refer-a-Friend and Fan Builder are creating values to merchants, we believe we can create the most value for our merchants if we put our focus on helping merchants to engage and retain their loyal customers with our Loyalty Program which is the core of our service.

  • Email Notifications

    We will continue support Reward Redemption Email but we will not support Welcome Email and Reminder Email going forward. 

    As an alternative, you may want to consider mentioning the loyalty program in the welcome email that is sent from your store after customers registered their store account.

    For reminder email, we encourage merchants to download the list of customers with their respective points from the merchant console, segment them into groups and send customized content for individual customer segments through your email marketing app. 

  • Cancelled Orders Handling

    All points originally earned for the orders will be subtracted instead of only the refunded amount.

  • Pricing Structure

    We are changing the pricing structure of our app in this new version. Your monthly fee will base on your feature set and your average monthly order volume. You may refer to our pricing page for the new pricing structure. 


If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.