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Switching to S Loyalty from another loyalty program

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If you had a loyalty program in your previous store/ via another channel, you can transfer your customers' existing loyalty point balances to our system:

Sending us a CSV file with customer email address and loyalty point pairs

You can prepare a CSV file with 2 columns: one with the customer’s email address, the other with their current loyalty point balance (or the number of loyalty points you want to add to their loyalty accounts) and send the file to our email address support@sloyalty.com. We will upload the CSV file for you and credit loyalty points to your customers' loyalty accounts accordingly. (Who will have a loyalty account at my store?

When you prepare the CSV file, please try to make sure that:

  1. There is no duplicated entry
  2. All the email addresses are valid
  3. There is a corresponding store account in your Bigcommerce / Shopify store for each email address.

Please refer to the table below as a reference to construct your CSV file.

Customer's E-mail Address Current Loyalty Point Balance
Jackson@gmx.net 211
PatriciaSmith@t-online.net 124
LisaMartinez@hotmail.es 54
WilliamBrown22@yahoo.com.mx 130
DavidWilson@yahoo.com.br 137
RichardMartinez@gmx.com 176

If you are currently subscribed to any of S Loyalty's plans, we will help you switch to S Loyalty from another loyalty program for completely free. You may refer to our pricing page for further information on our different plans.


Adding loyalty points to customers’ loyalty accounts manually

If you only want to add points to a few registered customers or you want to reward loyalty points to customers with no loyalty account, you can do that manually from our app Admin Console. Please refer to our help desk article on this topic here for further information.